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When we designed the GHOST, we envisioned a trainer that could do more than the typical boring trainer. The GHOST needed to offer you the opportunity to train, advance, and even have fun - all with the same airframe.

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An advanced trainer that's so much fun it's SPOOKY!



When we designed the GHOST, we envisioned a trainer that could do more than the typical boring trainer. The GHOST needed to offer you the opportunity to train, advance, and even have fun - all with the same airframe. And that's just what we've accomplished.

To start, the GHOST has been designed as an easy-to-build model with a wealth of laser-cut parts. Actually, most every part used in the GHOST's construction is already pre-cut for you out of hand-selected lite-ply and balsa woods.



The wing is a flat-bottomed airfoil which is a cinch to build using our exclusive laser-cut WEB-LOCK construction that not only gives you proper rib spacing, but also holds each rib at a true 90° to the building surface, without the need for additional tools.

The fuselage is also an easy build as we've engineered the fuselage sides with slots to lock in each former at the right spot - and angle. Also, we've integrated our Multi-Size Servo mounts into the fuselage sides which makes mounting the rudder, elevator, servos a breeze (and throttle - if using glow).

Power can come from either glow or electric powerplants and there's a large, magnetic, top hatch which gives you quick access to the batteries and/or fuel tank.



At first, the GHOST might appear to be just a Good Honest Old School Trainer. But as they say "Wait, there's more!".

Flaps are included - a first for an OSMW kit. These are quite effective and can slow the GHOST to a crawl in the air. Choose to install them during the initial build, or they can be added at any other time - even after you've flown the GHOST for a while!

The GHOST's tall and wide main gear makes taking off from paved or grass surfaces quite easy. Throttle up, and you'll find the GHOST takes to the air in a surprisingly short rollout.

At lower throttle settings, the GHOST is slow and stable in the air, making it easy for a new pilot to learn how to navigate the skies. Throttle up the GHOST a bit and you'll start to open up more capabilities, including some fun barnstorming. At even higher speeds, the GHOST can perform a surprising amount of aerobatics to wow the crowds.

And all of this with the same airframe that many would write off as "simply a trainer".



Even when the wind gets a bit gusty, the GHOST's smooth flying characteristics will give you the confidence you need. When it comes time to land, simply lower the throttle and gently glide down to the runway. Again, no surprises, which is just what you want in any design.

And after you've mastered flying the GHOST, add to it's capabilities by adding in one of our Fun Fly Bay kits (available separately). Once assembled, these kits will bolt up through the bottom of the GHOST's fuselage. Like the GHOSTS's flaps, these kits can be added (or swapped out) at any time - even after you've flown for a while. 


 Premium USA Hardware
Included in each Old School Model Works kit is a premium hardware package. We only source our hardware from brand-name, USA manufacturers to guarantee the best quality.

 Interlocking Construction
There's nothing else like it. Our interlocking construction allows you to assemble the entire airframe with a minimum amount of fuss.


Front hatch
Securely held in place with magnets, this hatch gives you easy access to batteries or fuel.


Flaps are included
Flaps can be installed during the initial build, or added after you've flown for a while - your choice.


Design your color scheme

Download this sheet to design your GHOST's color scheme.




  • Wingspan: 62 inches
  • Wing Area: 675 sq. inches
  • Length (airframe only): 49.5 inches
  • Weight: 4.5-6 pounds RTF
  • Radio: 4 to 6 channel (4-7 standard sized servos)


• Glow (.30-.46 glow)
• Electric (450+ watt, 60+ amp ESC, 3S to 4S LiPo)


Additional items needed to complete the Ghost kit:

• Propeller
• Engine/Motor, mount & mounting hardware
• Radio system with 4 to 7 servos (stardard-size)
• 2 “Y” servo harnesses (one for ailerons, one for flaps)
• Pushrods (28" for elevator and rudder, 9" for throttle, 6" for the ailerons and flaps)
• Clevises for the pushrods.
• Wheels: two 3" main wheels, tailwheel assembly
• Covering (typically 2 rolls - more needed for higher complexity finishes)




Recommended Power Systems


C-3520/10 980Kv Motor, C-60A-ESC, APC 11x7 or 12x6 Prop, 4S 4000mah LiPo Battery

APC 11x7 Prop = 14.8v, 52.4A, 776 watts, 10,420 RPM, 97oz Thrust, 69mph Speed
APC 12x6 Prop = 14.8v, 56.9A, 843 watts, 10,033 RPM, 111oz Thrust, 57mph Speed





TEM-3520-980Kv Motor, TEM-80A-ESC, APC 11x5.5 or 12x6 Prop, 4S 4000mah LiPo Battery

APC 11x5.5 Prop = 14.8v, 46A, 674 watts, 10,864 RPM, 95oz Thrust, 57mph Speed
APC 12x6 Prop = 14.8v, ?A, ? watts, ? RPM, ?oz Thrust, ?mph Speed




BA-3515-940Kv Motor, BadAss Rebel V2 80A ESC, APC 11x7 or 12x6 Prop, 4S 4000mah LiPo Battery

APC 11x7 Prop = 14.8v, 57.8, 856 watts, 10,984 RPM, 105oz Thrust, 73mph Speed
APC 12x6 Prop = 14.8v, 63.4A, 938 watts, 10,682 RPM, 123oz Thrust, 61mph Speed



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