3D Printed Motor Mount for 35mm motors, 35mm Length

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3D-Printed Motor Mount for 35mm motors, 35mm Length

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When installing electric motors into aircraft, you often need to come up with a way to move the motor forward to get it in the correct location in the fuselage.  Many modelers today are also converting their older glow powered aircraft to electric power, to take advantage of the simplicity and consistent power output that electric motors offer.  However, in most cases, the electric motor being used to replace the glow engine is significantly shorter, and this creates the problem of how to mount the motor and have the prop end up in the correct location.  To solve both of these issues, we have designed a series of 3D-Printed Motor Mounts that move the motor forward the desired amount while providing a convenient way to mount the motor to the firewall.

These mounts are 3D Printed from rugged PETG plastic and come in a variety of lengths to suit your specific application.  Included with each mount are four M3 x 8mm socket head screws to attach your motor to the mount, along with a set of 3 spacer shims that can be put between the mount and firewall to fine tune the length of the mount to get the perfect gap between your prop or spinner and the front of your fuselage.  The spacers are 1mm, 2mm and 3mm thick, so they can be used individually or stacked to add anywhere from 1 to 6mm of extra length to the mount.

The 35mm Series mounts were designed to fit the BadAss series 35mm motors and feature a 25x25mm mounting hole pattern.  The design of these mounts includes angled cutouts that line up with the air hole exits on the back side of the motor for good cooling air flow.  These mounts will also work with other brands of motors with 32 to 36mm stators that have a 25x25mm mounting hole pattern, such as Cobra, Tempest and most other popular brands.  The slotted holes in the base of the mount feature the same spacing as the cross mounts that come with the BadAss 35mm motors and will accommodate screw hole spacing between 48 and 52mm.

Special Note:  The PETG plastic used to make these mounts is dimensionally stable at temperatures up to 170 degrees F (77 degrees C), which will hold up well to normal use.  If you leave your model in a hot car in the middle of summer on a sunny day, the temperatures inside can exceed these values and can cause deformation of the mount.  Treat your aircraft with the same care you would with your kids or your dog, don’t leave them locked up inside a hot car!


Specifications For 35mm x 35mm Mount

Mount Length 35mm, 1.38 Inches
Mount Length Adjustment Range with Included Spacers 35 to 41mm, 1.38 to 1.61 Inches
Mount Weight, Including 4 Motor Mounting Screws 28.8 grams, 1.02 ounces
Motor Mounting Hole Spacing 25 x 25mm
Firewall Mounting Hole Spacing 48 x 48mm to 52 x 52mm
1mm Spacer Weight 1.3 grams, 0.045 ounces
2mm Spacer Weight 2.6 grams, 0.090 ounces
3mm Spacer Weight 3.9 grams, 0.135 ounces
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