RC Dude HD Series Li-Ion Battery - 4S3P 14.8v 12,000mah

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This is a HD (High Discharge) series 4S3P 14.8v 12,000mah Li-Ion battery pack for high current applications.

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This is a HD (High Discharge) series 4S3P 14.8v 12,000mah Li-Ion battery pack for high discharge applications where you need high currents for motors or other high-drain applications. Li-Ion batteries have many bennefits over LiPos for RC aircraft like more durability, longer lifespan, and most of all higher energy density for the weight. Using a Li-Ion battery in place of a LiPo battery will allow you to run more capacity for longer flights or shed significant weight for a better flying model.  This weigh difference is demonstrated in the pictures where we compare them to LiPo batties - you can see this 12,000mah pack weighs less than a 4S 8000mah LiPo. 

The main drawback of Li-Ion batteries is the often low discharge capabilities that can make them a problem in use as a main flight pack. We've eliminated much of that problem by using quiality brand cells with some of the highest discharge rates available as well as a solid copper/soldering assembly that eliminates the limitations of nickel strip and welding.  The result is a high-discharge pack that can be used in a wider variety of models. 

This pack is assembled with Molicel P42A 21700 4200mah cells that have a constant discharge rating of 45A. Since this pack is a 3P pack (3 in parallel) it has a max discharge rating of 135A and a capacity up to 12,600mah.  Although the pack is capable of putting out 135A of current you should aim at using this in applications where you will use half this amount, if you expect to get a long lifespan with hundreds of cycles.  This is really no different that LiPo batteries as they should be "double-rated" for the job as well.

These packs are built specifically for high discharge applications so we do not use thin nickel strip and spot welding to assemble them.  Instead we use 12 awg solid copper and we solder this directly to the cells.  Even large .2mmx10mm nickel strip can only safely handle about 20A and due to it's high resistance it can generate a lot of heat. Spot welding nickel strip is also a pretty lousy electrical connection that is not good for high currents.  We solve this "bottleneck" that limits current by using solid copper wire with better conductivity and much higher current ratings.  By soldering the connections instead of spot welding we further eliminate the bottleneck with a robust electrical connection. This packs is terminated with 12awg silicon wire and a XT60 connector is soldered on, which can be converted or replaced with your preference of course.   

Li-Ion batteries require the same charging, storage, safety, and care as the LiPo batteries you may already be used to. These packs can be charged by any LiPo charger at your normal LiPo settings that terminate at 4.2v/cell but you should not exceed a 1C charge rate.  On this pack a 1C charge rate would be charging at no more than 12A. 


  • Voltage: 14.8v Nominal - 4.2v/cell max
  • Capacity: 12,000mah
  • Charge Rate: 1C or 12A
  • Weight: 30.5oz or 866g
  • Dimensions: 5.60" x 3.00" x 1.66" or 142mm x 76mm x 42mm
  • XT60 Connector, JST-XH Balance Plug
  • Maximum Discharge 135A
  • Recommended Discharge 67A


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