Hyperion LiFePO4 Transmitter Pack 1600mah 9.9v

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This is a LiFePO4 Transmitter Power Pack with high-rate 3.5mm gold charge/discharge plugs, and XH-style Balance Tap.

PLEASE NOTE: All Hyperion batteries now have the much more common and standard XH style balance plug. This is a very good thing for 90% of all RC dudes. Please disregard the older HP style balance plug you see in the pictures.

Almost all transmitter and receiver power packs today are made using NiMH cells. Many users have noted the much higher capacity or lighter weight of Lipo cells, but LiPo have voltage "too high" (3.7V/cell) to work reliably with most transmitters, receivers, and servos.
But unlike LiPo, LiFePO4 cells (3.3V/cell) can be an excellent replacement for NiMH on voltage basis. And compared to high-capacity NiMH packs, the Hyperion G3 LifePO4 Radio batteries have these other advantages:

  • More capacity per gram, meaning lighter models in flight, and longer transmitter duration
  • Almost no "self discharge", so your radio is always ready to go even weeks after charging.
  • Superior voltage performance under load, so your servos perform with more consistent torque and speed.
  • Faster charge time (as fast as 15 minutes!)

In addition, the LiFe chemistry is not subject to "thermal runaway" fires, which can occur when LiPo are overcharged, making LiFe a much safer alternative.

Hyperion - as well as other quality digital servos makers - will be introducing "High Voltage" servo types which can handle both LiFePO4 and LiPo voltages. However, unlike LiPo, LiFePO4 can be stored in a fully charged state, and discharged deeper, without damage to the cells. So they are more "rugged" than LiPo, safer, more convenient and a better choice overall.

In the LiFe pack photos, you can see a Hyperion-style balance connector, and also a red connector with 3.5mm gold plugs, and a "spare" connector set. The red connector allows these packs to be charged at high rates. The "spare" can be attached to your existing Radio plug, or used to make a charge cable. We also carry adapters for a plug-and-play solution for most radios and receivers.

Hyperion LiFe transmitter packs include a charging circuit built-in to the battery that allows you to use the AC adapter that came with your transmitter to charge these packs.
CLICK HERE to see datasheet.
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