Hyperion Emeter Version 2

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The Hyperion Emeter2 LDU is a small light data device that works real-time with the Hyperion Emeter2 or while attached to your PC with optional cable.

The Hyperion Emeter Ⅱ is an upgraded version of the popular Emeter Ⅰ and now comes with an upgraded hardware, additional features and functions to make Electric flight data logging and analyzing even more easy. A complete all in one tool for E-flight users that takes all the guess work out. Now you can analyze your electric power systems, program ESC and servos, measure RPM, temp and Altitude of your model and more, all from this one tool. The Emeter Ⅱ can carry out an enormous range of functions related to Electric Powered models and small vehicles, and has been designed with ease of use as a prime objective. On-screen help, a user friendly menu system and error messages make it easy for novice and experts to take full advantage of the Emeter's potential while in the field or at the lab.

Use the Emeter Ⅱ to program Hyperion ATLAS servos, TITAN Electronic Speed Controllers and make motor/esc optimizations by experimenting with choice of propeller, battery pack or any other component in the electric drive line. All of this can be achieved on the flying field with the hand held Hyperion Emeter V2. The Hyperion Emeter V2 does not only excel while at the field but by connecting the RDU to a Windows XP or Vista (R) based computer data can be further analyzed, recorded sessions can be saved to disk as a whole or in segments which can easily be emailed to friends or stored for documentation. Live bench testing is also possible.

The new Emeter Ⅱ acts as a complete live dashboard and provides a rare and important insights into electric motor efficiency, model behavior, temperatures, RPM alongwith volts, current and watts etc.


  • Large 1.75" Backlit LCD screen to display all parameters
  • Analyse,Measure and Record Volts, Amps, Watts, Temp and RPM for electric systems
  • Multi-level user friendly menu system and easy to navigate buttons.
  • On-screen help files for each functions, called up right on the Emeter Ⅱ display
  • Easily Record to SD card all the parameters of a test run for later import into Excel spreadsheet
  • Calculate motor efficiency and thrust using Prop Data stored on SD card
  • A real time date, time clock and several independent stopwatch modes including a countdown timer and a lap timer
  • Program Atlas digital servos as well as Titan and Atlas speed controls
  • Built-in servo driver that can be used to set up servos/ESC during a test, using the dial jog
  • View stored log files and display a summary of the log's contents, graph of the data and a screen for each data point collected
  • PC connectivity port and full support with Hyperion Emeter Suite PC software for logged data analyzing
  • Built in 5 cell 750ma Nicd battery, charge directly using the 4.5 mm barrel plug included

Included with the package:

  • Emeter Ⅱ x 1
  • Data Cable x 1
  • 4.5 mm plug Charge Lead x 1


  • Voltage range/resolution: 0-75V, 0.01V
  • Current range/resolution: 0-75A, to 150A for 30s, up to 300A for 5s*, 0.1A
  • Tachometer range: to 65,000 RPM, one to seven blades
  • Tachometer types: Optical and brushless phase sensor (connected to RDU)
  • Power: Internal 5-cell 750 mAh NiMH battery
  • Emeter Ⅱ Dimensions: 2 1/4 x 4 3/4 x 1 5/16 inches (58x120x30 mm)
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces (150g)

Note: The maximum currents listed above are highly dependent on ambient air temperature and especially the amount of cooling airflow that passes through the RDU

Please use a 12 – 15 volt, 100ma source to charge the internal Nicd battery.

For Remote Data logging, use the RDU sold separately (HP-EM2-RDU).

The wide range of functions performed by Emeter requires a look at the documentation in order to understand all the possibilities, but it's basically just a fantastic tool for any RC dude, especially electric RC pilots. The Emeter is a wattmeter, a servo driver, a servo tester, a Hyperion digital servo programmer, a Scorpion ESC programmer, a tachometer, a thrust calculator, an automated motor tester, and more! Some functions like "wattmeter" require the use of the optional Emeter 2 LDU, MDU, or RDU so we strongly suggest you also choose one of these for your needs. The LDU (Local Data Unit) can be connected to the Emeter or your PC (with optional cable) for real-time display of the volts, amps, watts, etc. The RDU (Remote Data Unit) is an even better option as it will record data all on it's own for later viewing on your Emeter or PC. The MDU (Micro Data Unit) also records data but is lighter weight for smaller aircraft where the weight of the RDU might be a problem. The MDU has a lower max power rating compared to the RDU.

The Emeter II supports the RDU, MDU, or LDU by downloading log files to Emeter, Display of log files, Calculation of Thrust-Efficiency (if prop selected), Calculation of internal resistances... and much more. In addition, it can program Scorpion and Hyperion ESCs and Hyperion ATLAS Digital Servos. It can drive servos or ESC via the dial on the face, or create automated test routines for servos or power systems. We could go on... but just have a look at the Emeter2 support link below!

CLICK HERE for the Emeter 2 RDU
CLICK HERE for the Emeter 2 LDU
CLICK HERE for the Emeter 2 MDU

CLICK HERE for the Emeter2 support page for further information

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