Hyperion Atlas Digital Servo DS13-GCB

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Hyperion servos are fully-programmable by optional USB Adapter and feature strong Carbon Poly Gears with the precision of Digital.
Fully-Programmable by USB Adapter, with strong CarbonPoly Gears and top-side Ball Bearings!! This servo is about the same dimensions as a Hitec HS-81. If you need a high quality servo with digital precision these are an incredible value. With the optional USB cable you can even program them for all kinds of settings (see screenshot below). The DS13-GCB is an extremely fast servo designed for helicopter tail control.

Hyperion ATLAS Digital, Programmable Servos are among the finest servos in the world. They are made strictly to Hyperion specifications at one of the foremost electronics companies in South Korea, from components made only in Japan and South Korea. The gears - a key element in any quality servo - are made to exceedingly fine specifications. The CarbonPoly type, using a mix of long-polymer plastics and carbon fiber, more than double the sheer strength and wear compared to normal plastic gears. The metal gears used in ATLAS servos are extremely tough and - because they are produced with very tight specifications - are also quiet, smooth, low-lash, and long-wearing.

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Weight 17.7g
Speed sec/60 deg 4.8v/6.0 0.07/0.06
Dynamic torque Kg/cm 4.8/6.0v 1.3/1.8
Holding torque Kg/cm 4.8v/6.0v 2.6/3.2
Dimensions mm 29.7x13.0x27.5
Gear Train Primary Material Carbon Poly
Bearing Top ball
Operating Temp -20 to +70 Degree C
Current Drain (4.8V) 6.0mA / 170mA
Current Drain (6.0V) 6.0mA / 200mA
Stall Current (4.8V) 750mA
Stall Current (6.0V) 900mA
Minimum Input Voltage 3.5V under load
Maximum Input Voltage unloaded 7.3V / loaded 6.5V
Connector Wire Gauge 25AWG
Connector Wire Length 240mm
Connector Wire Strand Count 30EA

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