BadAss Prop Drill Jig for 62mm Motor 4-Bolt Style Prop Adapters

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Prop Drilling Jig for BadAss 62mm motors using the 4-bolt prop adapter.


This Drilling Jig is designed to clamp onto a prop and locate the 4 holes needed in the hub to use the 4-Bolt style prop adapters that come with the BadAss 62mm motors.  The guide part of the jig is made from hardened tool steel for durability, so it keeps the drill bit in perfect alignment while the holes are being drilled.  Included with the Drill Jig is a 4.5mm drill bit and a 3mm Allen Key wrench to tighten the Drill Jig down on the hub of your prop. 

The BadAss 62mm prop adaptershave 10mm shafts, so your prop will need to have the center hole drilled out to 10mm to be able to use this prop Drill Jig.

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