AMASS AS150 Anti-Spark Connector Set

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AMASS AS150 Anti-Spark Connector Set, Male and Female in Black and Red

These High-Quality AMASS AS150 Anti-Spark connectors are perfect for connecting your battery and ESC together in high-power, high-current applications. Rated for up to 150 amps of continuous current, these connectors will stand up to the most demanding applications. The male pin on these connectors measures 7.0mm in diameter and is 20mm long. The solder cup on both the male and female connectors is 5mm in diameter and 9mm deep, so they will accept up to 6 AWG wire with room left for solder. One of the male pins in the set has a built-in, 5.6 Ohm current limiting resistor that eliminates the nasty spark and “Pop” you get when you plug in 6S and larger battery packs.

Included in each set are 2 female pins, 1 standard male pin, 1 anti-spark male pin, 2 red connector shells and 2 black connector shells. Each complete set of 4 connectors weighs 27 grams or 0.95 ounces.

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MPN AS150-Set
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